Concerts : Big ‡ Brave + Frank Sabbath + The Absolute Never

Ouverture des portes à 18h !


Big ‡ Brave Drone rock expérimental - Southern Lord records (Canada)</https:>

"Montreal, Quebec, Canada, three-piece BIG|BRAVE plays sincere, long-form out-rock that ventures in to different directions — at times mournful and unsettling — their music plays out in to moon-bleached grunge where serene vocals crumble over scraping guitars bled of melody. Sometimes it’s the sound you don’t make. Big|Brave chooses their silences carefully, oscillating between sparse, gentle arrangements and deep swells of noise. They are patient, their crescendos tidal and graceful. Heavy drums come up against haunting vocal melodies. Moody guitar tones swirl. Slowly they recede into something more atmospheric, a quiet that hangs thick like smoke. Something important is offered in the spaces between sounds. Listen for it, feel. It waits." (Southern Lord)

Frank Sabbath Psychedelic rock (Montpellier/Paris)</https:>

The Absolute Never Thunder blues (Paris)</https:>

The Absolute Never est un duo parisien qui pratique le "Thunder-Blues", un genre de power blues grunge primitif inspiré de la puissance infinie de l'orage. Un peu comme si LeadBelly avait prié Serge Gainsbourg d'un jour léguer son fusil à Kurt Cobain...
"In Blues we crust..."

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