3 novembre // VAN DAMMES + BOMBYX MORI

Ouverture des portes 19h, concert Ă  20h.


VAN DAMMES (Finlande)

Van Dammes are a Finnish four-piece garage punk band from Helsinki, originally formed in Brussels in 2013.

Their first Best Of compilation was released as a 7” single in May 2017. It bundles the loudest songs from their first three EP recordings: The VD EP (2014), Better Than Sex (2015) and Vild Days (2017). In addition, the band has released a bunch of other shit in various formats.

All these releases have gained airplay on American, Australian and European alternative radio stations such as KEXP, Radio Adelaide, New Rose Berlin, Radio Helsinki, YleX, as well as several university radios. They have also been critically acclaimed in numerous Australian, Canadian, European, Mexican and US reviews.

Van Dammes are actively touring around Europe and beyond.



Les genres sont confondus : femelles, hard rock, garage, mâles, punk ; tout est bon pour ensorceler les énergies et humidifier les toisons. Les Bombyx Mori et leurs Bombynettes se dégustent chauds, sales et humides, là où il leur est permis de jouer, fort de préférence.


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